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What You Should Know to Understand Your Septic Tank System

Knowing the ins and outs of how your septic tank system works will go a long way toward helping you keep maintenance costs down and take care of your system efficiently. And fortunately, it’s not as complicated as you might think that it is.

There are various types of septic systems, each with their unique benefits, drawbacks, and specifications. Hopefully, you already know what type you’re working with and what it means for your home. Beyond that, there are some basics that you’ll want to know about your septic system and how it works. Below, we’re going over the essentials, including what your septic tank is all about and how it functions.

What is a Septic Tank?

A septic tank is a waterproof structure intended for long-term, underground storage and serves as the first stop in your home’s wastewater treatment process. They’re most common in rural areas, where traditional central sewer systems aren’t always available.

Of the different types of septic systems, the most popular (and most commonly found) varieties are polyethylene plastic, concrete, and fiberglass. Plastic septic tanks are particularly popular since they’re typically more affordable than their concrete and fiberglass counterparts while also being easier to install, resistant to cracks, and immune to water-based corrosion. Plastic-Mart offers a wide range of plastic septic tanks in all shapes and sizes. Plastic septic tanks are a good option because they lower your overall septic tank cost, take half the effort to install, and last just as long.

Difference Between Septic & Sewage Systems

As opposed to a sewer system, septic systems are not connected to a centralized drainage system and instead are located on the owner’s property. As a septic tank owner, you are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the tank. Septic tanks are gaining a popular reputation as being the eco-friendly alternative to old fashioned sewer systems. Septic systems pump and treat your home’s water without the need for energy or chemicals, unlike a conventional sewage system.

How a Septic Tank Works

As for how a septic tank works, it’s quite a simple process. When you release wastewater from your home, it is deposited into your septic tank, where the breakdown and filtering process will begin.

The septic tank’s primary purpose is to separate the effluent (solid waste, as well as various particles from liquid waste) from everything else. Heavy solids settle down at the bottom of the septic tank, where they remain to keep them safely out of your pipes and drain field. Meanwhile, liquid waste is pre-treated to remove scum and grease before being released through the pipe system and into a predetermined soil site. There, it will be further treated and dispersed as needed.

Benefits Of A Septic Tank System

The benefits of a septic system are quite clear. Absent a central sewer system, a septic tank system ensures that harmful waste stays out of the soil and groundwater while offering you an efficient solution for disposing of wastewater from your home. Again, just make sure that you know the exact variety of septic tank you have to provide it with the best septic tank treatment products and processes.

The independence of your septic tank will ensure that your home will not be affected by community clogs, backups, or overflows. Additionally, there will be no monthly sewage and water bills – only the initial cost and occasional maintenance.

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