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Have You Seen Our New Rainharvest Bundles?

Water conservation is now easier than ever with our new Rainharvest Bundles! Conserving water resources allows for emergency preparation in the event of a natural disaster, fire, or drought, while promoting sustainability efforts and decreasing your overall utility expenses.

We’ve put together everything that you need in one convenient bundle to help you save money and start harvesting rainwater for potable – with proper filtration – and non-potable use (such as, laundry, cooking, irrigation, and plumbing). These rainharvest bundles feature our quality rain harvesting supplies and eliminate the guesswork of selecting the right rain harvest system for your home or business. With rainharvest bundles as low as $664, you’ll be collecting and storing rainwater in no time!

What comes with the bundle?

The bundle comes with Norwesco plastic potable water storage tanks that have a capacity range between 305-1,550 gallons, and our 3” and 4” kits are available in black and green colors. These water storage tanks are built with durable, FDA-approved polyethylene resin that is UV stabilized to protect tank contents from direct sunlight along with algae growth. The storage tanks are also suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

All rainharvest bundles include the necessary accessories (compact valve, leaf filter, first flush water diverter, strainer basket, tank overflow outlet, easy to read tank gauge, and hi-flow flap valve) that you need to install the system and start collecting rainwater. This means that you don’t have to worry about which accessories you need and whether or not you ordered the correct items for your system.

Quality features and benefits

We carry a variety of rainharvest bundles with high quality accessories to fit your specific needs and protect stored water from rodents, pests, and particles. The bundles feature the Leaf Eater Ultra rain head, Downpipe First Flush water diverter, and Mozzie Stoppa Hi-flow flap valve.

The Leaf Eater Ultra’s innovative design with Hydro Activated Filtration technology uses the leaf slide to prevent contaminants from entering the system to improve water quality. It deflects leaves and debris away from the stainless-steel, mosquito-proof angled mesh screen while increasing catchment efficiency. This rain head requires minimal maintenance and also has a VH pivot outlet that swivels to fit vertical or horizontal downspouts.

No rain harvest system is complete without a First Flush water diverter. The diverter ensures higher water quality and reduces tank maintenance by filtering out the first few gallons of rainwater runoff – which typically contains contaminants like dirt and insect/animal waste from the catchment surface – from your water storage tank. Having clean water that’s easy to filter and use is better for you and your household appliances.

Our Mozzie Stoppa Hi-flow flap valve is mosquito and vermin proof and allows stored water to breath and stay fresh. The vented flap valve improves water quality by enabling air to flow over the surface of the water and preventing a vacuum effect when large amounts of water are released from the storage tank.      

Our rainharvest bundles offer a great savings value too! Browse our large collection for the perfect rain harvest system – for instance, the 305 Gallon Rainharvesting 3″ kit, 500 Gallon Rainharvesting 4″ kit, 1100 Gallon Rainharvesting 3″ kit, and 1550 Gallon Rainharvesting 4″ kit  – and save approximately $50-175 on kit bundles. Whether you’re harvesting rainwater for an emergency backup supply or to supplement daily household use, our rain harvest bundles are the best solution to conserve water and save money!   

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and our team will be happy to assist you!