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Fuel Tanks

A Guide To Fuel Tanks

At Plastic-Mart, we offer a wide selection of fuel tanks for every size of business, small or large. Our full range of fuel tanks includes Cross-Link Polyethylene Fuel Tanks, Aluminum Refueling Transfer Tanks, Aluminum Diesel Auxiliary Tanks, Todd Plastic Mobile Fuel Tanks and Moeller Marine Fuel Tanks.

Our largest solutions for holding gasoline can be found in our range of Aluminum Refueling Transfer Tanks, which come in a variety of shapes and configurations – L-Shape Refueling Tanks, Rectangle Refueling Tanks, Wedge Refueling Tanks, Toolbox Refueling Tanks and Split Refueling Tanks. The Rectangle Refueling Tanks are available in a sizes ranging from 38 gallons up to 110 gallons, while the L-Shape Refueling Tanks come in 47, 80, 95 and 100-gallon sizes.

All of our Refueling Transfer Tanks come with the following features: a special permit issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation, a commercial grade lockable vent/prevent filler cap, two 2” npt reinforced bungs for superior strength, a 3/8” npt drain and hold down brackets. They are also come fully tested for pressure and leak detection.

If you’re looking for a smaller, more mobile fuel tank solution – we also carry the Todd Gas Caddy, which comes in a few different configurations. The basic Todd Gas Caddy holds 28 gallons of fuel. It includes a number of attractive features, like a 10-foot hose with static wire, molded hose brackets and spring-loaded nozzle. Best of all, you can roll the Todd Gas Caddy around on pneumatic tires with nylon bearings.

For more specialized needs, such as fuel tanks for recreational marine vessels, we offer a full range of Moeller Marine Fuel Tanks, ranging in size from the 12-gallon Marine Fuel Tank to the 230-gallon Marine Fuel Tank. Moeller’s new technology utilizes a proven nylon solution that is fully compatible with ethanol. In addition, we also carry Cross-Link Polyethylene Fuel Tanks that are ideal for use as Generator Fuel Tanks.

And, don’t forget about the fuel transfer pumps, which we offer in both manual and automatic nozzle setups. We carry a 12-volt 8 GPM (gallon per minute) Fuel Transfer Pump with Manual Nozzle as well as a 12-volt 15 GPM Fuel Transfer Pump with Automatic Nozzle.

At Plastic-Mart, our fuel tank specialists can guide you through all the regulations that apply to liquid fuel tanks, including their safe storage, transportation and use. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration stipulates that a liquid fuel tank manufactured on or after Jan. 1, 1973, as well as any side-mounted gasoline tank, must conform to certain safety specifications.

Since some of the regulations relating to liquid fuel tanks can be a bit difficult to interpret, we’ll walk you through all the details that ensure the safe and legal construction of a liquid fuel tank – from the joints and fittings to the safety venting system and the fill pipe.

You can either pick up the fuel tanks from one of our convenient locations, or we can ship them to you, with the best freight rate guaranteed. If you’re shopping online, we have a live chat option to guide you through the buying process. We have the lowest price guarantee! Check us out online, or give us a toll free call today: (866) 310-2556.