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Wrapping Up A Decade

2019 is coming to a close and we wanted to express our gratitude to our customers. When we started out in 2004 the world and business in general seemed to move at a slower pace. We had email and cellphones, but we had yet to come upon the “smartphone” experience. We’ve learned to adapt to […]

Tips for Easy Rainwater Harvesting

Plastic Mart makes rainwater harvesting easy The ancient practice of rainwater harvesting – which dates back thousands of years to Southeast Asia – is making a big comeback, especially in rural areas battling prolonged periods of drought and in crowded urban areas, where water conservation is a growing trend. For the DIY homeowner looking to […]

1,000 Gallon Plastic Water Tank

The N-40892, 1,000 gallon water tank manufactured by Norwesco is one of the most popular and versatile plastic water tanks we have for sale. It is manufactured from linear polyethylene and has been approved by the Food & Drug Administration for safely storing potable drinking water. Common Tank Uses Include: Emergency and drinking water storage Rainwater […]

Rainwater Harvesting – Roofing, Gutters & Downspouts

The different components that make up a rainwater collection and harvesting system are: Roof Gutters & Downspouts Screens, Filters Storage Containers Parts specific to the application Water Disperal Roofs and collection surfaces have the following characteristics: Metal Composition Wood shingles – absorb water and stay moist longer Tile roofs – absorb more water Solar Panels […]

Rainwater Harvesting – Calculating

Rainwater Harvesting Calculators are based on: Size of roof Amount in storage Daily / Monthly Demand (Inside & Outside) Rainwater Supply & Demand In order to calculate the amount of rainwater that can be stored you have to evaluate local data on rainfall such as the monthly and yearly average rainfall for a region. A […]

Rainwater Harvesting: Estimating Home Water Usage

What is collected rainwater used for? In-home non-potable water In-home potable water Outside landscapes Outside animals, gardens, etc. The average American uses between 70 gallons and 100 gallons per day from normal activities. For example, whenever a toilet is flushed it requires 1.6 gallons of water. In order to determine your total demand for water […]

Rainwater Harvesting : Determining Collection Potential

The first step of any successful rainwater harvesting and collection system begins with planning. The roof size or foot print needs to be determined first and the lay of the land including slop and size must be evaluated. Specific city or county restrictions must be taken into consideration. We recently heard of a tragic story […]

Rainwater Harvesting & Collection: Using Rainwater

Rainwater Collection & Usage – Renewed Interest There is an increasing demand for a depleting water supply. Economic and environmental costs are rapidly escalating for the production of potable drinking water. Health concerns have spurred motivation to address contaminated water supplies of many developing countries. Widespread drought has diminished groundwater supply. Answering the questions of how to […]

Rainwater Harvesting: System Planning Pt.1

Welcome to’s Rainwater Harvesting System Planning series.  Rainwater harvesting and collection will be a reoccurring theme on this blog and this is the first post of many more to follow. Please feel free to comment and ask any questions you may have or just click that live chat button over to your left in the navigation […]

2500 Plastic Water Tank N-40631

Howdy everyone, I just wanted to go on record and take the time to tell people about the best tank in the business. Its the N-40631 This tank is the largest tank you can fit inside a tractor trailer. That means the shipping cost stay way below shipping a 3000 N-40635 or 5000 N-40641 on a […]