Wrapping Up A Decade

2019 is coming to a close and we wanted to express our gratitude to our customers. When we started out in 2004 the world and business in general seemed to move at a slower pace. We had email and cellphones, but we had yet to come upon the “smartphone” experience.
We’ve learned to adapt to the environment and needs of those around us.
We love every part of the journey that it takes to be your supplier. We love the interaction, whether it’s phone calls, email, livechat, or any other avenues we may use. Our ongoing communications with our customers and friends is our daily bread.
We want you to know we are always striving to better the experience you receive from our company. This next decade will more than likely advance faster and further than the one we’re wrapping up. We plan on being there with you to fulfill your needs.

Happy Holidays & Talk To You Soon.

David “Tank” Gallis
Co-creator Plastic-mart.com

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