Your Guide to Portable Water Tanks

If you’re the owner of a farm, arena, facility or small business, you may be looking for the perfect portable water storage tank to meet your short- or long-term water needs. At Plastic-Mart, we offer a full range of best-in-class portable water storage tanks. These tanks are ideal for locations that are frequently alternating between storage and transportation, and can even be used for residential areas.

At Plastic-Mart, we offer the widest range of portable water tanks on the market in a full range of sizes and configurations. Our Portable Water Storage Tanks, constructed from a hard polyethylene, are designed for easy water transportation to and from any location. The plastic design resists rust and corrosion. These Portable Water Tanks also come in a choice of configurations, giving you maximum flexibility for how to use them.

Our portable plastic water storage tanks are engineered to hold fresh potable drinking water, so you never have to worry about the quality of the water that you’re drinking. Plastic-Mart customers tell us they use these tanks for a wide range of needs that go beyond just water transport and portable water storage, whether it’s auto detailing, operating concession trailers or holding wastewater.

And don’t worry about where to store them. Portable utility tanks are UV stabilized for prolonged outdoor use and offer excellent impact resistance. Portable water tank tie-down bands are available on various models. All are designed for storage and non-DOT regulated transport applications.

At Plastic Mart, we offer a wide range of sizes for these portable water tanks, ranging from tiny 2.8-gallon tanks to massive 1000-gallon portable water tanks.

On the lower end of the range, our water tanks come in 2.8-gallon, 5-gallon, 6-gallon, 7-gallon, 12-gallon, 16-gallon, and 20-gallon sizes. You’ll want to be sure that you have the right size tank for your water needs – and that you’ll be able to put it exactly where you want. The 5-gallon tanks have a length of 22”, a width of 10” and a height of 8”. The 20-gallon tanks have a length of 15”, a width of 11” and a height of 31”.

We also offer a large selection of low profile hauling & storage tanks and horizontal leg tanks to meet all your mobile water storage and transporting needs.

If you’re looking for portability, we can help you choose the right size trailer or skid to get your water from point A to point B. Our water storage experts can help you pick out the perfect trailer for the water storage tank, ensuring you can get your water wherever you want it.

Many of our portable water containers are ready to ship immediately. You can either pick up the portable water tanks from one of our convenient locations, or we can ship them to you, with the best freight rate guaranteed. If you’re shopping online, we also have a live chat option to answer any of your questions. Or give us a toll free call today: 866-310-2556.

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