1,000 Gallon Plastic Water Tank

The N-40892, 1,000 gallon water tank manufactured by Norwesco is one of the most popular and versatile plastic water tanks we have for sale. It is manufactured from linear polyethylene and has been approved by the Food & Drug Administration for safely storing potable drinking water.

Common Tank Uses Include:

  • Emergency and drinking water storage
  • Rainwater harvesting and collection
  • Garden rainwater collection barrels

Norwesco water tanks are not designed to be pressurized. 

Standard tank features:

  • 16″ Plastic vented manway
  • 1 and a half inch National Pipe Thread (NPT) Threaded Bulkhead Inlet Fitting
  • 2″ Female National Pipe Thread (NPT) Threaded Bulkhead Outlet Fitting

Norwesco water tanks are some of the best water tanks available for sale nationwide. Norwesco water tanks come with a standard 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and their time tested reputation for outstanding customer service is unrivaled.

This tank is ideal for installing with a rainwater catchment and harvesting system. People commonly buy this tank along with a strainer basket to filter debris out from their down spot and feed the water directly into the tank.

Whenever you are constructing your first rainwater harvesting and collection system an important factor that should not be neglected is how are you going to transport this water from your tank and into your home for daily water usage? Luckily, http://www.plastic-mart.com, sells pumps and pressure systems.

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Product’s Featured:

N-40892 – 1,000 Gallon Plastic Water Tank , Strainer Baskets, Water Pumps


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