Rainwater Harvesting & Collection: Using Rainwater

Rainwater Collection & Usage – Renewed Interest

  • There is an increasing demand for a depleting water supply.
  • Economic and environmental costs are rapidly escalating for the production of potable drinking water.
  • Health concerns have spurred motivation to address contaminated water supplies of many developing countries.
  • Widespread drought has diminished groundwater supply.
  • Answering the questions of how to provide fresh water to areas that do not have a readily accessible water supply.

Companies doing their part to encourage rainwater conservation

The new Bank of America Tower in Manhattan uses a combination of rainwater, graywater from foundation drain water and condensation produced by the Air Conditioning system for toilet flushing and cooling the tower.

Newer green friendly buildings like the Bank of America tower normally collect rainwater on the roof, in the basement or in both places.

85 Million U.S. Households have an average size of 1/5th of an acre that could be used for rainwater harvesting and the environmental impact is substantial

  • Americans spend more than three billion hours per year using lawn and garden equipment. This leads up to 720 million gallons of gas being burned per year while also producing pollutants such as carbon monoxide, dioxide and nitrogen oxides.
  • Gas powered push mower emits as much pollution in an hour as 11 cars and its riding mower equivalent emits as much pollution as 34 cars according to the United States Food and Drug Administration.
  • 50 – 70% of total household water goes to landscaping and outdoor use in the United States.
Passive Collection
  • Water Diversions
  • Stock Ponds
  • Rain Gardens
  • Bog Gardens
  • Swales

Every drop of rainwater is important and can be used to its maximum effectiveness. The overall goal is turn rainwater run-off into rainwater run-in . Impervious surfaces such as roofs tops, driveways, sidewalks and turf grass can be set up to direct the flow of the rainwater that lands on your property.

The combination of rain barrels or rain tanks can be married with rain gardens to maximize your rainwater usage.


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